If you carried a gun in your truck, what would it be?


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Yeah, @mndriver still has me scared of the Illinois rest areas, LOL.

seriously though, if you were to carry, and I know nobody does because it is illegal and the federal marshals will swarm in on you in the middle of night....

What would you carry?

I don't carry a big ass .44 Ruger super redhawk in my truck, but if I did, I might consider downsizing into something that is more automatic. and smaller.

I would need to buy a tire thumper, though...... .If I carried such a weapon.


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.357 5-shot revolver with .38 special lead ball ammo.

Look to the states with the harshest laws.

New York with it's 7 shot limit and new Jersey with no hollow points.

It's pretty much going to be a close distance issue you'd need it for. Basically a belly gun.

Stick it in their belly and pull the trigger.


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hmm... I have my 9mm in my personal rig all the time, wife carries a .38 or her 9mm, I have packed my Ruger Vaquero .45LC, and I need to get me a yote gun!

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Mike, Taurus has been selling the G2C millennium in 9mm subcompact for around $200. It holds 12+1, is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand with a 3.3 inch barrel and cheap enough to not get upset if it gets scratched.

I have bought three of them, they are great little guns. They get really good reviews too. I've put 100 rds thru one with zero issues.