CB Radio Ideas For CB and CB Antenna For Christman Gift


Ok so I am wanting to buy mu husband a new CB and antenna for my husband for christmas. PLEASE help! I haver no idea where to start.
How much are you wanting to spend? You could get both for $150, or you could spend $500 :)
Well I really want to get him a nice one that has a good range. I know he doesn't like his one now to much do to not being able to talk at a good distance. I am sorry if I sound dumb, but this is really foreign to me. Anyway I want to get him a whole new system. So what all do I need?
Regular CB's - Cobra 29 is a good radio, and so are the higher end Galaxy radios.

10 Meter - This isn't really legal, but these radios have more power, allowing you to talk farther. I have a General Lee, and love it. These radios do require a modification to work as a CB, but most of your better CB Shops know how to do it.

This page shows several good antennas. Height and type will depend on the truck, and where they are being mounted.

The links I posted in here are from a CB shop close to where I live, and where I buy all of my CB equipment and have all my work done. I am not reccomending purchasing from them, or not purchasing from them, just wanted to be able to show you some possibilities.

Does he own his own truck, or is it a company truck?

As far as antennas, it depends on where he is mounting them, and how tall they need to be.
Geese there is a lot more to this then I realized. Do you think that I should just let him do all this? LOL He is a company driver.
You could do half and let him do the other half :)

Buy the CB, and let him pick the antennas, LOL
I went on that site and looked around I was thinking about the Galaxy DX 959[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]
Should I get the performance tune up too? And what about the Astatic mike>? Should I get that? By the way, thank you so much for all your help omn this. We live in San Antonio.[/FONT]
That is a good radio. And yes, I would get the performance tune up. Getting the mike while you are at it would be a good idea as well.

Nice Christmas present!

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