I was in an Accident on Wedneday!


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Here I was, just leaving the TA Travel plaza in Manning, SC headed to Georgetown, SC to pick up my next load when, while making a left turn on a green light, I was struck on my drivers side by a 16 year old kid going home from his work. I started my turn when the light changed and I heard a sliding sound. I looked over my left shoulder to see this car sliding on the wet pavement. I had noticed the same car traveling toward the intersection with his right turn signal on.

What happened was he began to break to late for his turn and locked his wheels up causing him to slide into my battery box. It had just finished raining in manning for the first time in weeks. This made for a very slippery surface from all the exhaust and fuel mist that gets on the roadways. It had not rained enough to wash all of that stuff off the road. It was almost like driving on ice.

Anyway, the kid and I are fine. There was no harm to us. My truck, however, is in the shop now getting the battery box, Cross member and Mud guard replaced. His car, which was a Dodge Neon, was T-Boned and Totalled. Both of his air bags deployed and luckly he was wearing his seatbelt or this accident could have been a lot worse.

When he hit me, my first reaction was to set my breaks and jump out of the truck to check on him, I knew he had hit me at a moderate rate of speed and I was concerned about him even more so then myself. When I realized he was ok, I called 911 and he called his Mom to come out there to him. They were very greatful that I had not been a jerk about the situation and I told them "If everyone was perfect, then the world would be a dull place to live". I also told them the story about me hitting another car when I was 17 years old so hopefully he doesn't feel so bad.

I told him that if anything at all comes out of this, I hope it helps him to be a better driver in the future. All vehicles can be replaced but human life is a one time deal. Aftr it was all said and done, I had to limp my truck back to the TA and camp out for a wrecker. Now I am in a Ryder Rental Truck, which sucks compared to my 2006 T600 K-Whopper! These damn vinyl seeks are making my ass and legs Hurt!!!

I'm just happy that no one is hurt, and another lesson has been learned.
Yea. He was cited for traveling to fast for conditions. There wasn't even a dispute by him. He told the truth from the get go.
Glad you both are OK. Hopefully you get the truck back out on the road quick.

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