I want a new transmission.

I want to buy a new transmission. I will need to have mine worked on sooner than later. My clutch brake is next to worthless right now. I will need a clutch soon.

I am thinking about upgrading my transmission. Currently, I have a Eaton Fuller RTOC-16909A, it has been converted to a 13 speed. My truck started out as a company truck, then a lease truck. I have had it since it had 480K on it. It has 842K on it now. I have had problems with it in the past. I think most of those were caused by worn linkage. I replace the parts that were worn and it was like I had a new transmission.

Instead of waiting for it to crap out on me on the side of the road, I am looking at getting it replaced or rebilt. What I am looking at is listed below in the order I want to do it. I am willing to listen to reasoned comments and to change my mind if there is a better way.

1) Buy a reman Eaton Fuller RTLO-22918B. I have delusions of becoming heavy haul or semi-heavy haul. This may be too much transmission, more transmission than I will ever use. It will be the most expensive option. One question I have about "core charges," is if a core can be another model of transmission. Can I use my RTOC-16909A?

2.) A reman RTLO-20918B. Less of a brute, but still impressive and a little cheaper.

3.) Rebuild my RTOC-16909A, I hear rumors that it can be beefed up to a RTOC-18913A. Can anyone comfire this? While I won't be able to split gears in low range it would still work.

Since I am swapping or rebuilding my transmission, I will be putting in a Lipe clutch at the same time. What else should I be looking at since the transmission will be out. A new flywheel? Rear main seals? Laugh, if you want at my silly questions, I'm not a mechanic. This is how I will learn.

What else should I be thinking about at the same time?
Terry, the RTLOc169o9 is a convertible transmission, it can be a 9 speed or a 13 speed or a 18 speed just by changing the knob, it has the correct gears in it already, the splitter gear and the output shaft are there, you need just the knob....as far as being the same as a 18918 no, gears have different part numbers and are slightly wider teeth....hope this helps....Tony


Terry you all ready have what ever trans you want. A $400 gear and bearing will turn any 13 speed into a 18 speed. The main differences in your RTOC-16909A and a RTO-20913A is an air to oil cooler plus a filter. To me an 18 speed is all but useless until its time to sale the truck then the fact it has an 18 speed will add around $1500~$2000 to the value of your truck.
I had the water to oil cooler take a **** on my trans and had to replace 3 gears and all the bearings for $1750. As Les said all the bearings are the same. I replaced the water to oil cooler with a air to oil cooler and filter and by doing so I now have a RTO-20913A.
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As far as the clutch goes, either a Lipe or Spicer 2050 clutch will do, just make sure to have the flywheel surfaced and replace the pilot bearing.
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Actually, the gears are different from a RTLO 16 series, 18 series, 20 series.

No the gears are not the same, the higher torque rated transmissions have some gears with different heat treat and gear hardness.

You cant just add a different style cooler and then call the transmission a "higher torque " transmission. That's horrible advice and totally incorrect.
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