I thought freight was supposed to be slow right now?


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What I meant to say is, "sorry I haven't been around too much, but I have been running my rear off lately". :D

Ended up running pretty hard all weekend, and I am now kicking back for a 34 hour restart, so I can get after it again....

So, what's everybody up to?
Headed to Georgia, but I am done for the evening. Been done since about two o'clock this afternoon. Shut down early to do the laundry and trash around in the truck stop for a while. Usually do that stuff on the weekends, but didn't have time to stop this weekend.
Finding alot of freight in the carolina's and Virginia but its hard to get out of Florida right now without deadheading for several hundred extra miles.
I'd like to get home Does any one no of any freight comimg out of central Florida Monday?
No freight problems in the midwest. We are running constant with back hauls already set up.
Lots a luck business is up just checken in on yall to say hi say come on back Alladin has been pullin some good loads for. keep tween' the lines>!!!!
How odd, we are moving tons (literally) of freight in the Carolinas. I wonder what the issue is with your hauls. Has it picked up any?

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