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I Left Covenant Transport


New Member
I left covenant after 2 months. My trainer couldnt get a load for 2 or 3 days after we droped our loads on time. One time we got stuck in Denver for eight days because covenant kept pulling loads from us. The trainers at Covenant are only for the $600.00 bonus if the student graduates the first try. The students who cant drive well get tested out in Long Beach,Ca in mini vans. As of September 1 2007 anyone hired at Covenant will be screwed just look at the new pay package except for the huge raise the trainers got. It is always a fight to get anything done with the people who work in the main terminal. The dispatchers are complete dumbass jerks who keep the drivers they dont like sitting ALOT! I fired two dispatchers while i was in training because they couldnt keep me moving. Covenant couldn't keep me with a steady pay check. I would make $1200.00 one week and $200.00 the next. The people who work in the main terminal have the education of idiots and you need to break out the how do deal with stupid people manuel to get anything done. The weekend crew especially at outbound are about as dumb as a box of rocks. I wouldnt recommend anyone to covenant transport.

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