I just realized truck parking really is bad


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I read many forums, and hear many complaints about this. Up until a couple weeks ago though, I didn't realize the problem that everyone was having.

I generally spend all of my time on Interstate 20, between Texas and Georgia. There and back twice a week unless the company is in a bind and needs something else done.

A couple weeks ago, I reload in Alabama and decide to go up across interstate 40 on my way back to Dallas (since I was up near Huntsville loading). On my way back that night I thought I would never find a truck stop or rest area that had any parking available at all. It had been quite a few years since I traveled up there, and just one trip made me realize that parking has really become a big problem.
Take a trip to Los Angeles, Ca or Chicago, IL, or New York, NY if you want to have a nightmares
about parking big truck.
You will have to hold a gun to me to get me into Los Angeles or New York City. Been there, done that, got robbed to show for it :)
That stretch of road has a very limited amount of places to stop at. If you don't get there early, it will take a while.
Truck parking is an absolute nightmare in some areas. There is nothing worse than being dead tired and not being able to find a spot for your rig. I don't know what the answer is, but something needs to be done before someone gets hurt by a tired driver unable to find a place to park.
I agree that there should be more truck parking available, i have not had a full on problem yet, however I know that down the road I may encounter that.
you gotta get creative brother. i can and do find parking spaces anywhere and anytime. yes it's aggrevating but it's the job we all do. i have done the forbidden and parked on on ramps. it's a no-no but it's better than gettig pulled over by DOT for out of hours and fined. I-40 is a joke and finding a spot is a job in it's self.
you gotta get creative brother.

That is for sure.

I have parked in some pretty weird spots at truck stops (only when there are no actual spots to park in), and woke up the next morning to find myself looking very silly as all the other trucks were long gone, LOL.
That is for sure.

I have parked in some pretty weird spots at truck stops (only when there are no actual spots to park in), and woke up the next morning to find myself looking very silly as all the other trucks were long gone, LOL.

bwahahahahaha........i know what you mean. that has so happened to me also. you wake up and look out the window and notce your being passed by on both sides of your truck by other trucks. and they just look at you and wonder wtf?
Parking problem is my main reason to quit this business!!!!

One thing I do like about the job I currently have (not for much longer), is that I basically stay on interstate 20, and generally go to the same location on my outbound load. There are independent truck stops along the way that always have parking,- and since the trip is only 800 miles, I can run straight through if needed anyway, not having to worry about parking.

New job is going to put me up as high as I-70, and in some areas I haven't been in for several years. Gonna have to get creative with the parking again :)
cool , you'll be up in my stomping grounds again and i can collect on that cup of coffee you owe me. lol
I think I will be going as far north as I-70, as far east as western tennessee (far western tenesee, probably memphis, LOL)

I don't get very far from home anymore.
all ii run now is pa, ny, md, va, nc, nj, delaware. i stay pretty close also. i actually get a chance to come home once a week.
I probably shouldn't admit to this but when i first started on my own i pulled into a small truck stop one night and couldn't that was easy, ecxept out in the weeds. After spending about ten minutes trying to get into a very small spot I was getting ready to move my tandems on my trailer- and the fellow on the left woke up and moved his truck to help me out. Lesson learned, when tired don't be afraid to park in the weeds, if your a company driver (as I've always been) it is better to listen to the company lecture than scrape an independents beautiful brand new trailer. Although just so you guys know, I didn't hit any thing or anyone that night, and everyone I woke up was very nice. Since then I've tried to pass courtiousy on to other drivers, even when I'm not in the truck.
I'd rather get bitched at for parking on a ramp than wast an hour
Trying to find a spot.i only got bitched at in Indiana anyway so far
and the trooper didn't say much. usually if your not in a truck stop by
6:00 pm it's hard to find a place to park.hell if it's real late it's hard to
even get in and out of a truck stop from drivers parking every where.

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