I hate paperwork


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A driver comes in and picks up a 14' trailer. I talked with him about the height, it says it on the paperwork. It is marked on his corner post. His company OWNS the trailer and ordered it that height. (We build them)

Guess what? He takes it out and less than two hours later tops it on a bridge. He then claims he didn't know it was 14' high.

Now we have to do extra paperwork and have the driver sign it saying he knows the trailer he is taking is over height.
Trailer size.

What's the biggest size you have pulled? There for a while I was shipping several 57' trailers. That has kind of died down. I have shipped a couple of 67' trailers. They are going to be used on a factory lot and never leave it. But still pulling it there must have been hard.
LMAO... I find it TOO hilarious that the driver claims that they didn't know that it was overheight... I mean isn't that part of the job? When I was riding with my husband, the first thing he would do was check the tires, then the height/legnth...
Same here. Tires and length and height. Always. He said he didn't want to be driving along one day and find that he was overweight due to the pverpass he picked up enroute!
It wouldn't surprise me. But then few things do anymore. Between raising teenagers and having a husband in the trucking business, I doubt much would surprise me....I've seen about all the weirdness there is!

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