CB Radio I bet I'm the only one with this


Last evening I received a gift from a family member-thier old CB radio, a genuine Realistic TRC-419. Being without one I'm pretty excited about my new toy.:woohoo: However I'm left asking about the right side of the front face, it has some buttons labeled M1 and M2 and so on. I believe they are for stored memory channels but I have no clue how to program them. Does anyone know of a good website to find an operating manual for this? I can only find instruction on aligning this radio, and I already would have except it's my first, and I don't have the electronic tools required. I think it might be better than my Cobra 19 was.
Sorry that link is for peaking and tuning it up..the manual does not show anything about those buttons..

However I did look at a picture, and it seems you are right those buttons are for memory.

The button marked MEM I would guess you push it then one of the numbered buttons to set a channel to that number..and so forth, just my guess.
It allows you to get a little more than the stock power. A basic CB radio puts out 4 Watts, peaking it will bump it up to somewhere around 7 watts or something like that. I haven't used a stock CB radio in quite a while though, so not sure.
peek and tuned i've seen it done once it's
pretty intence.best to find a good CB shop and
have them do it for ya.
the best place i have found to tweak a radio is the CB shop in the petro at the breezeway in Pa. he knows what he is doing. i heard him on the radio telling people what radio and setup they are using by just hearing them on the cb. He was right 99.9% of the time i was really impressed.
When you purchase a stock CB radio from a CB shop most of them will offer to do a "Peak and Tune" for a extra fee. But what is a "Peak and Tune" and do you actually need to have it done?

In general a "Peak and Tune" means the following -

1) The radio shop performing the work will test your radio to make sure it is transmitting and receiving on frequency. If it is not they will make minor adjustments so that it is.

2) Most radios come from the factory with their modulation levels set around 70-80%. The shop will adjust your modulation level so that it is at 100%.

3) The shop will adjust your power output so that your radio has a legal 4 watt deadkey and is reaching an acceptable level of peak output with modulation.

4) The shop will tune your receiver for best performance so that signals sound natural and its sensitivity is acceptable.

But its not recommended to someone who doesnt know how to solder

or doesnt have the right meters and equipment it takes
more than a swr meter

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