I-95 Truck 'N Park Goes Live Nov. 20, 2015

Real-Time Truck Parking Space Availability Demonstration System at Two I-95 North Rest Areas

Along the I-95 freight corridor, and across the nation, truckers often wander unsuccessfully in search of parking spaces. When they cannot find parking spaces, they frequently park on ramps and shoulders, which is dangerous for both the trucker and the traveling public. The I-95 Corridor Coalition (an alliance of transportation agencies along the Eastern Seaboard) and the Federal Highway Administration, supported by Schneider Electric Mobility, will begin testing its automated real-time truck parking space availability system – Truck ‘N Park – beginning November 20, 2015. Testing for this automated technology will be conducted at two public rest areas inVirginia and Maryland for drivers traveling northbound along the I-95 corridor: I-95 North Ladysmith Rest Area, Ladysmith, VA (MM 107, approximately 30 miles north of Richmond); and I-95 North Welcome Center, Laurel, MD (MM 37, approximately 20 miles south of Baltimore).

Truck ‘N Park can be accessed via the web at www.I95TruckParking.com or by calling the interactive voice response system (IVR) at 855-TRK-PARK (855-875-7275). Truck ‘N Park can be configured from the website or phone system to automatically call a driver’s cell phone at a specified time with updates on the number of empty parking spaces in the chosen lot. To mitigate driver distraction, the specialized phone system has a variety of built-in safety features. For instance, when a Call-Back is requested, but a driver cannot take the call, Truck ‘N Park will stop calling after several rings and will try again later.

Truck ‘N Park was developed to save truckers time, so when they’re nearing a break they will know that there are spaces available to safely park their rigs.The number of open spaces at a given location is detected through in-pavement sensors, with data transmitted in real-time to the I95TruckParking.com website and the IVR phone system. Drivers may use the system free of charge and as often as needed. The pilot program’s test period will continue for approximately four months, during which time truckers are encouraged to furnish feedback via the phone system or the website. Truck ‘N Park encourages safety first and reminds drivers to use hands-free devices only. Privacy will be maintained. No data will be retained about drivers or their vehicles. Please visit I95TruckParking.com for more information.


Neat idea if it works. But I wonder how accurate it will be considering there could be a truck in or out at any given time.
The in-pavement sensors transmit data in real-time, so it will be extremely accurate. Along with the sensors, there are also cameras as back-up. Try it out and give us your feedback.


I would but I rarely get that way, and when I do I use our stores. But I will spread the word. Will this be tied into the sign network as well?
Appreciate your help getting the word out! Thanks! We're not tied into signs just yet. This will be a test period and we'll see how it goes.


What difference will it make? Every rest area & truck stop out there fills up at dusk every night anyway, assuming that there's ever a time during the day when they're not full.

How is knowing you're screwed for parking when you're still en route going to help an experienced driver who already knows he's going to be screwed for parking the minute he's dispatched out to that overpopulated armpit?

This sounds like a waste of money that could be better spent on real estate & concrete... Ya know,... Helping mitigate the parking problem instead of simply reporting "in real time" how much it sucks?
One problem at a time... Real estate is indeed another issue -- no denying that! Unfortunately, this money was not appropriated for that. This system will let a driver know if it's worth pulling into a lot or not, thus saving him/her time and effort. Better to know for sure whether or not space is available than to pull in only to find out no spots are open.