Howdy All


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Hello to everyone.

First of all, want to thank everyone who drives a truck for providing America with the everyday things people take for granted.
The American Public is too spoiled for their own good.

I'm thinking about getting my CDL, but before I go to that expense, are there any companies that offer part time opportunities? :)
Part time opportunities are becoming more and more available in the industry. They probably won't be labeled as "part time", as the companies all have special names for their programs, but many of the larger companies have programs that allow you to drive, but at the same time spend plenty of time at home.

Schneider has a program that they call "home run". Basically, you run for two weeks in a team operation, then spend a week at home.

There are others, that one is just one I remembered off the top of my head.

Depending on what you are actually looking for in "part time" work, many companies also run regional programs, where you are home weekly, and in many cases, by the house 2-3 times during the week as well. This depends on where you live, so choose a company that runs freight near your home.

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