How often do you call home?


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Or call and talk to family and friends? My ex calls every night to talk to the kids.
At least twice a day I get a call. He calls to talk to the kids just before bed. As a family we probably TALK more than most because he isn't physically present. It's not like he's parked in front of the television. So we try harder.
I would probably call home fairly often. I know when I have gone out of town, I would call home frequently.
Hubby calls when he's pulling out of the terminal to say he's on his way.

I call him around 12 midnight and then he calls again when he reaches his destination in the morning to let me know he made it ok.
It also depends on his location. On long lonely stretches of road he calls more frequently and talks for longer. He gets bored. This happens a lot in Kansas....

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