How many miles did you drive today?


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Let's see how long we can keep this active, got this idea from another forum. If nothing else, you will be able to make at least one post per day on the forum, even if it is just to update this thread. You don't need to give information such as where you drove, unless you want to. Any post you make in the thread must include your miles for the day, even if it was zero. Feel free to add in additional information such as multiple stops and things like that.

I will start: 537 miles

Day started just outside Louisville, ended up in Doolittle, MO.


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Does support mile count? Like tomorrow I'll be running for parts and Friday I'll be running for IRP filing.

And will you be pinning it.


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Since the Monday before Christmas I've been driving around 200 miles a day. I'm waiting to load for Illinois. 700 miles to go and deliver on Monday. Freaking holidays always screw me up.


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0 still on break.
Had a load to Houston but it got pushed out till Friday, I got it pulled off. Heading to Louisville tomorrow.

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