Fuel How Low Will Diesel Prices Fall, and for how long?


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While it’s hard to say just how low the retail price of diesel will go, what is fairly certain is the trend line in place since last autumn will continue to run its positive course at least through the rest of the year. What’s more, it looks like the price of diesel won’t rise markedly until 2016. And at that point, it’s expected to increase to an average well below that recorded in 2014.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the retail price of diesel fuel, which averaged $3.83/gal in 2014, is projected to fall to an average of $2.88/gal in 2015 and then rise to a $3.12/gal average in 2016.

Source: How Low Will Diesel Go? - Articles - Fuel Smarts - Articles - TruckingInfo.com