How low can company driver pay go? Pretty low in Mexico


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How low can company driver pay go? Pretty low in Mexico
The driver of the very first Mexico-based truck to come into the United States in the controversial cross-border program earns a mere 13 cents per mile and $20 per day for expenses.
Luis González drove the first truck from Monterrey, Mexico, to North Carolina. He has more than 10 years’ experience and is among the company’s best, according to an article in the San Antonio Express-News detailing the first delivery under the cross-border program.
With more than 10 years of experience and an impeccable driving record like González reportedly has, company drivers in the U.S. can easily earn three times as much as González.
An informal survey of company driver pay offerings with 10 or more years experience had many U.S. companies paying 40 cents per mile and up, with some companies reporting driver pay at 50 cents per mile with that kind of experience.
As far as expenses go, the $20 a day González was paid is far below the $52 per diem allowed by the IRS for U.S. truckers.
This is exactly why large companies like Celadon have made roots in Mexico in the past several year. They knew the day would come that the border would open and now they can pay drivers next to nothing for drivers to haul the same freight they have been paying American drivers to haul.
They don't need much money in Mexico, cost of living is cheap, besides there is not anything there to buy if they did have money.

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