How long will you last at Arrow Trucking?


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I really dont want to hammer Arrow. They gave me my start in the industry. But fair is fair. Out of 6 of us coming out of A+ school, Central Tech in Drumright, Ok. who worked for Arrow, I lasted the longest. Exactly 1yr. The others were not "washouts" either. They were the same type of driver like me, Professional. This company has over a 150% turnover rate and there is reasons for that. Of the 5 others in my group, 2 of them leased from this company, ended up losing there leases, and never made any money after truck expenses. No one, especially me wanted to be a company "hopper". The next closest driver in my group to be left at 9 months. I took alot of crap off of those in the company that they make you deal with which isolates you. Biggest failure is hometime. To them, you dont have a home. Your home is only your Arrow truck. The loads is claimed to be, "first in first out", which is baldface lie to both regional, otr, and lease drivers. Favoritism is there #1 issue with loads. Driver appreciation, doesnt exist. I earned 4 safety awards, which equaled up to nothing..naada, not a cap, shirt, pen, money, raise, call from anyone from company to say thanks, you got NOTHING! Driver issues were dealt with driver managers. These DM's harrassed, ignored, lied, and threatened all of us drivers in my group. Management claims "open door policy", I dare you to go and complain about anything, because within a month it will be "show you the door policy" as they take aim at you by limiting your loads, keeping you out on the road for 2 months, and ignoring any issues you need to address with inaction and then hide behind disfunctional DM's who disregard the drivers already. I can go on and on. If you need to get into trucking and get the training, then use them for that...then get out before they "run" you out. This company is a mill of drivers, chewing them up and spitting them out. Good Luck if you go to work for them, youll need alot more than that.


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I'am soo glad that this web site is here. i have been thinking
Of starting a website that show's the truth on trucking
Company's. they have there DAC report we have this site
For our report.


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the DAC is a load of crap and does nothing but hurt good drivers. with this site here we can say our peace and hopefully steer drivers away from the shit hole companies out there.


A lot of these bigger companies, that hire straight out of school, receive federal funds to do just that. They get so much per person. The problem is that even the large companies don't have a bottomless pit of trucks. Once they're filled up, they have to get rid of people. I think that is why they hardsell people into leasing a truck before they even know the business. That way they don't spend as much putting new drivers on the road.


DM should be rated by there company to assure good relations between the driver and the DM. If this is not done then the company will lose there driver in a high rate. And with help from blogs like this we can be aware of these companies.


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I just got hired with ARROW after two years away from trucking. I've heard mainly bad about every trucking co. Anyone have anything good to say about ARROW?


If you were....Dumb enough.. to pay large $$ to attend a trucking school... then on the positive.. IN THIS ECONOMY... ARROW provides a JOB.

If you're a newbie.. out of school.. and you're crazy enough to go ANY LEASE/Purchase program... you're to blame. You should have shopped around harder for a company position.

The previous poster.. was on to something.. they only reasons a company does a lease/purchase program is cause they have trucks setting empty that a) they can't sell b) can't afford the fuel to run( 379 Pete's/ W900's).

And thus, since you are a newbie driver anyway... their betting against you being able to run the truck "economically" and get a good fuel mileage-- thus they want to put ALL the MONKEYS ON YOUR BACK! It's just business.

Back to the positive.. it's a job.. JB HUNT always had a saying.. it's not how much you make.. it's how much you SAVE. He encouraged all his drivers to try to live off tuna sandwiches & sardines.


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Is Arrow still in business. Just heard through word of mouth that Arrow shut down without notice and left drivers stranded. True?


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Is Arrow still in business. Just heard through word of mouth that Arrow shut down without notice and left drivers stranded. True?
Yes, it is True..Dec. 22nd


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Is Arrow still in business. Just heard through word of mouth that Arrow shut down without notice and left drivers stranded. True?
Theres 2 threads on arrow and the shut down just click on new posts it should be there
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