How do you fell about the Immigration Proposal?


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So, how do you feel?
If I commit a felony, I go to prison. If you are from another country and enter this country illegally (a felony) they want to give you a pass. It's unfair that those with a right to be here have fewer rights than those here illegally.
I am very surprised that this thread hasn't had many responses. This is, by the way, the biggest story in the trucking industry right now.
it sux plus the gov will give them the world and screw us we pay give me free money to star a biz if ya cant speak english learn it im not learnig spanish not US language
The reason the government caters to this group is that the politicians want the votes. So they will do for these new people what they refuse to do for their own.
Are we talking about immigration in general here, or something that is specific to trucking? I haven't chimed in because I wasn't sure what the subject was.
I think it sucks and they are just after the votes. But I couldn't answer the poll as it was closed after one vote.
I guess I should have been more specific on the Title. I will start another one with the proper title this time!
Maybe the answer is that the US should declare war on Mexico, annex the nation.....make it the 51st State.

Problem solved.

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