New To Trucking How do I do this?


Exit 152, 1 mile east on the left, the Blue Oyster
Find a test site that rents trucks and get your license, any construction company can get you insured in a dump truck.


Kankakee Community College charged me $3250 in 2004
You got a heluva deal next to what I got told about 5 years before that. I had a communinity college tell me 5 grand. I said nope. Talk about squeezin blood I aint got out of a damn turnip i cant afford.

Found a smaller outfit and went thataway. Cost about 900 bucks time all said and done. Yeah they taught to the test but the rest got learned on the job once i found a place that’d put me to work

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Thank you. Sadly, those imbeciles you spoke of are everywhere. Is there not a way to get a CDL without attending a trucking school or community college?
Companies want to see the cdl school graduation certificate.
It's not like the old days where companies look at your cdl then give you the keys to a truck.

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