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Sep 8, 2007
Hi all,

This has probably been asked before but here goes.

In the US and Canada drivers Hours Of Service Cycle 2 is 120 hours in 14 days. It also says you must have 24 consecutive hours off duty after 70 hours. Basically does this mean if you are out say 10-12 days you have to have one of your days off roughly half way through your trip,ie sit around for 24 hours before you can set off again. If your team driving could you and your partner stagger this so as to keep going?

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It would also be nice if all the states and canada can have one set of rules and laws for trucking, instead of having to worry about what settings and such my truck is ok to run in this state, but I need to reset something on my truck in the next state, and maybe have to reset it again in the state after that. Just find one set of rules and stick w/ it federally.
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