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What would be a good home based radio? How far is the normal radius for a home based unit. Just a normal one not a big boosted up unit.
I was actually looking for this answer myself. I hope someone will let us know. I had a cousin tell me not to go buy one until I asked around because some just get TERRIBLE reception. Anyone know?
Well no love yet cassiem0221, But I am sure someone will hook us up.

Also a little advice on towers or receivers would be great. :)
Base stations will get very good reception, compared to a mobile CB unit.

This isn't really legal, but if I was setting up a base station, I would get a 10 meter (HAM) radio and have it converted. You get more power, without the need of hooking up any type of amplifier.
;) thanks.. I dont have a clue what you are talking about but I am sure my husband will! I didn't even know that this would be an option!
I actually have a mobile unit in my house that is just plugged into an inverter. It is a General Grant (10 meter). I don't use it a whole lot anymore, but sometimes get on and help drivers with directions if I know where they are going.
A good base is what every you can afford to buy. I myself like the Cobra 2000GTL or a RCI 2995, i have them both and many more. If you want to talk well and have around $600.00 to spend you cant go wrong with a 2995. 175 watts with out an amplifier ( Radio has a 2 pill built in ) and a good antenna that is at least 36 feet high, talk pretty much were ever you wanted.

On a good day with a vertical antenna you can talk 50 air miles easy or with a beam antenna on a good day you could talk well over 200 miles with 50 watts. I have more base radios and amplifiers than i can shake a stick at and can do anywhere from 20 watts to over 5000 watts, with power like that i have talked around the world. I even heard my self once. What does that mean? The signal from your antenna does not go straight out or straight up, it kinda goes at a 45 ( if i remember correctly ) degree angle. Once the signal goes so high it bounces off of the earths atmosphere then back to earth. If conditions are right it will continue to bounce from the earth to the atmosphere back to earth and you can...if your lucky hear your self talking back to you after the signal makes it way around the earth. It's kinda cool and very rare to be able to do so and i have only done it once on ch 38 LSB.View attachment 9224
View attachment 9224
Those are just a few of the others i have. I have a few more stored away as well as the 2995.

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