Higher diesel fuel costs have area truckers hurting [Wisconsin]


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If Tony Zawojski didn't have his truck paid off, he's not sure he'd still be an owner/operator.

"It's tough, I'm barely getting by," the Egg Harbor resident said after filling up at Country Express in Bellevue. "If I had to make truck payments, I think I'd be out of business."

Rising diesel prices — just a tick under $3.58 a gallon in the Green Bay area Tuesday — are one of the challenges facing truckers and the industry this year.

When you're putting in 107 gallons of fuel at a time, those costs add up fast.

While surcharges are helping cover the price increases, Zawojski said fuel prices are going up too quickly.

"The surcharges aren't going up as fast as the price of diesel," he said. "I've been an owner/operator for 17 years, and I haven't seen it like this."

Diesel prices have surged in recent weeks to record levels, putting a strain on truck drivers, businesses and potentially, the economy, at a time when economic activity is already slowing.

The national average for diesel was $3.45 cents a gallon Wednesday, up from $3.14 a gallon a month ago and $2.63 a year ago, according AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

The gains have come as oil prices have jumped to record levels. Oil prices account for nearly two-thirds of the retail diesel price. Prices rose above a record $99 per barrel Wednesday.

I agree with him, and you. If you have high payment or you truck is not paid off(can`t hire driver, you have to drive truck) Don` t even go into this business. Why is thousand trucks for sale now, and it is going to be more. If you possibly can don`t use brokers. Believe me you can deal with companies directly. Try to find costumers with paying COD. Full truck loads they don`t pay anymore, think about Less Truck Loads. Brokers used to charge 8% now 25-30%,
if you ask them how much is paying load, answer how much you want!!!! This is not answer. Rate now should be about 2.07 cent a mile or we all about going out of business.

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