Hi, I'm new here.


Hello folks! I just graduated truck driving school today, and will be going for my orientation next week. I am sure you are asking about the name "MackBee." That's what my drill instructors called me on Parris Island, and what some of my senior SNCO's and officers called me too. I look forward to meeting new friends and getting whatever kind of advice (as long as it's good!) I can get.


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hey, I'm starting my school monday. Busing out saturday night for southern CA. How was schoolin? I'm really looking forward to it and training. Good Luck to you!



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god luck and welcome to the forum. hold your head up and just bear thru the first year, it gets better.


My training at Nu-Way was pretty good, though the last week, it seemed as though they were trying to rush us through. I didn't expect to be signed off the road on Thursday, and didn't expect to be tested, let alone pass, on Friday! My orientation begins Wednesday, and will be with my trainer later this week. Again, thanks for the welcome! I am sure that things can only get better for me, as I just had to endure 9 months of unenjoyment!


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I'm new here too. Not a trucker, but I sure do respect y'all. I'm one of the drivers that always tries to let ya cut in in front of me when you have your blinker on :)


Welcome MackBee....glad to have you here!