Hi Folks


Road Warrior
Hello everyone names Dave but everybody calls me gator. been driving for a good long while now and have enjoyed every minute of it. anyways i look forward to shooting the breeze with you fine folks around here.
Welcome to the forum. It is always nice to see a new member jump and immediately get active like you have.

Look forward to chatting with you as well!
everybody calls me gator.

Welcome to the forum......

I take it gator is your CB Handle? Does that mean you are all mouth and no ears?

Just kidding, I have a buddy who goes by gator, and I constantly tell him that.:D
thanks for the warm welcome.

yeah Gator is my handle, but no folks say i am like a Gator at them buffets eating everything in site,lol. incase y'all ain't figured it out i enjoy my food,lol.
Hi all. Just introducing myself cuz that's the kinda guy I am. I just graduated Sage Trucking School last week and I'm headin for Sturgis before I do any job interviews. May Trucking seems to want me and I'm curious to know if any of you has had any experience with them.....Harley95
Welcome Harley95,
Welcome to the Forum, and Welcome to the Trucking Industy. We're glad to have you in both. I look forward to seeing you get active here on the Forum and get acquainted with all of the fine folks here. I hope you have a very enjoyable time. I personally can't help you with the info you are asking for, but I'm sure there is someone here that will be able to. Take it slow and always be sure of your next move. Take care and enjoy.
Have An Awesome Evening :tiphat:

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