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Hi everyone! Just joining in here.....

My Sunshine is new to trucking and now I am also new to being a "trucker's wife"...well girlfriend, but one of these days....:D.

I just wanted to drop in and say hi and also a big thanks to all of you who post this site. Before I joined the forum and while my beau was still in school, I searched around for anything and everything I could find and the information I found on here was invaluable. He was orginally going in with the hopes of getting with TMC and go flatbedding...home weekends, sweet trucks...sounded like a great deal...until I found out more information about them on here.

BUT, what I found in it's place was all the praise about Roehl.....and now we know it is well deserved! What a wonderful company! :) His first official day of training was August 2nd. He's a Navy veteran, so he is part of the Honor Program offered by Roehl and even gets some of his GI bill! He's in the middle of his second evolution and will be Midwest Regional Van. Everything's going great, except the whole he's not here part. That's really tough. But it makes it that much sweeter when he comes home. :D

Again, thanks to all of you who post on here, it really makes a difference! :) Rock on!
Glad to see he got a nice job, and thanks for all the kind words. Hope all continues to go well with his new career.
Hi MissErica. Great to see you here. I am new to and learning my way around the forums. Hope you like it here.

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