hi all


Trucker's Wife
I am Jen just though i say hi there some i know here and some i dont . like make friends so hope to chat with evey one here .:p


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hey girl well i need to find u and i guess i have lol and a big bird told me about this site so i need to check it out lol
Iam happy you did......Don't be a stranger...THIS place is going to explode one of these days and rocket to the NUMBER 1 Trucking WEBSITE in the WORLD!!!


Trucker's Wife
Oh THAT SEXY Pat! I miss him so much...

JEN how is the KNEE??

i will tell him you said that and make his ego get bigger lol . well the knee it here lol i geting buy it been hurting a little more just because this week been a busy busy wekk for me but will be so glad in nov when i get it fixed and can walk right againg

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