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What if, you go out with a trainer, he brakes laws, rules, and is down right nasty! But threatens to dump your ass along the road side if you say anything? And you feel truly threatened if you do? You don’t want to quit, just safely get a new trainer?
Go to the human resources department...if your phone tapes-- tape
I guess I may face such in a couple of weeks...but they would be the ones on the side of the
when you get to a terminal , grab your sttuff, get out and go to the office and demand/ask nicely for a new trainer. nobody should have to put p with his crap. i wouldn't. when you get near a terminal just tell him you have to drop by there for some paperwork to fill out. like maybe direct deposit papers. be creative but do what is right for you not him.
call the safety department, let them know immediately what is happening to you. You will be routed to a terminal quickly if the company is worth a damn at all.
I would try to get to a terminal and speak with some one take notes of what he's doing illegal and telling you. Be it mental notes or notes where he can not get to them. Keep a log like your log books so you can remember and back it up. iF you have to tell him you are taking notes so you don't forget what he is teaching.

Just make sure in your notes you don't follow the illegal stuff and don't make a note it's illegal or the trainner could start sweating it out.

You should be able to fire a trainner. Tell the company that there are some problems with you and your trainner and you would like to speak to someone about them. Let them know that he has threatened to dump you on the side of the road so you need to be routed back to a terminal and need another trainer.

ONce you get to a terminal go in and explaiin to them what was said and done. This is where a paper log or journal will help you out. If you write it out while it's fresh in your mind.

I use to train and trainers are suppose to train and help you. I could be firm on some stuff but there is a difference bretween firm and nasty or rude. There is no reason for a trainner to threaten or haze a student. This person who is trainning you should be kicked out of the trainning program for threatening you.

Now I have told trainnee's that I would take them back to the terminal and drop them off their if they couldn't get it to gether. After a few weeks or something. I mean if you try to go under a 12 ft bridge in a rig yeah I would take you back. I would not threaten them and I would always try to explain the rule or law so they could understand it.

Good luck and I hop you already have new trainner let us know.
Keep it safe & the greasy side down.
Not much I can add, just this, if they do nothing to the trainer you didn't want to work for that company anyway. And don't give up on driving just because of that trainer. If you want to drive just keep trying you will find a company you click with soon enough.
truely you are in a bad situation. the thing that I would do is call your sdm. (student manager) and tell them about it. We just had a problem like this with the company that I am with and they worked it out to way the driver had no idea the student called.
That's just a horrible situation. You have got to find another trainer. I wouldn't worry about getting fired, if you tell the proper person at the company, if anyone gets fired it'll be the trainer.
No one in any kind of job training situation should have to put up with that kind of B.S.! You're there to learn, his/her job is to train you. Report this person to their superior and try to get a more professional trainer!

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