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Hi I have been out on the road since the mid 90's I have seen a lot of changes in my time. When I started driving I was the only female for my trucking company and I did a lot of the scouting runs where you had to find a way in and find a way out.

I enjoy being out on the road. I kind of miss it. I came off the road a while back due to some health issues. My hubby is still out there and I keep up with the trucking industry and go out when I can.

I have hauled dry load, refers, and wagons. It's all good. I miss the road but I will survive until I can get back out there. I spent 9 years on the road driving. I did local, regional, and OTR including Canada & part of Mexico. I am a driver not a jiver.

I have always loved traveling and I have the white line fever.
welcome , i just think women that can drive them big truck way to go not for me hehehe hubby can do all the driven . i am Jen

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