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I have noticed a trend.. Drive a truck--> Gain Weight = Stop driving--> Lose weight.. Is that the trend for you? I wish more truckers were eating healthy on the road...
I have never had a problem with weight gain while driving a truck. I did put some weight on in the 4 years I was off the road, but now that I am back to driving, I have probably lost 15 pounds and counting over the last 3 months.

I am very conscious about what I eat when I am on the road. I "never" eat from a truck stop buffet, and "never" choose the meals that brag about having huge portions, because nobody needs that.
I don't hardly eat on the road. It's probably more mental with me than anything. But some food just makes me want to throw up. I like to be thin. Jesus now I am sounding like a model.

I like sticking to food that is in my truck. I carry soups, meal replacement bars, shakes.... things like that. I probably eat inside a truck stop once a day, or once every other day. I will often opt for a Wendy's or something where I can just get a decent salad.

If I do eat a big meal in a truck stop, it will be breakfast. Even then though, I try to look for a nearby regular restaurant, rather than what is available at a truckstop.
Hubby put on about 25 lbs but then lost it. Since then he's more cautious about what he eats....a little. He takes snacks along with him and tries to avoid the fast food trap.
When I used to work thirds and nights I eat candy bars and snacks to keep going. Balloned up really nice. Now workings days it is better. Learning to take a walk to wake up and not sugar up to keep going.
That's it EXACTLY! To get a jolt, hubby relied on a sugar fix when what he needed was a decent meal, exercise and a good night sleep.
Its only been a few months for me, but I've stayed the same. I usually only east out if I want a hot meal or haven't been to a WalMart in a while to restock. For most days I will only have one meal anyway and snack on nuts, chips, or a veggie platter the rest of the time.

Instead of the candy bars for the wee morning hours, I chew sugar-free Orbit gum. If I start to feel drousy, I have an energy powder drink mix that I add to grape juice. Just 8 ounces of that will keep me going for 4-5 hours. And its alot healthier than coffee or those energy drinks like Red Bull, etc.
Over the past few years, many truck stops have started offering fresh food, veggies and fruits. This has helped a great deal. Before that it was almost always junk.
I eat light on the road. Usually only 1 small meal a day at most.

I have lost over 45 lbs since I went back on the road. I go for a lot of walks.
Beer!?!? Healthy??? lmao yea well actually, when I was having problems with my kidneys, the dr told me "a beer a day will keep the pain away" SERIOUSLY! But beer is YUCK unless it is B*tch beer as my hubby calls it lol.
While on the road I would take potatoes, rice, beef stock and chicken stock. along with Carrots and other vegtables to have on hand. When we would get a chance we would stop @ a Super Wal-Mart or Grocersy store and get some chicken, beef or ribs to cook in the truck. We have a crock pot for the truck and one of the little ovens. It takes about 12-16 hours for the ribs to cook in the little oven but they are good. The beef stew takes about 4-8hours depending on altitude and heat as well as the chicken with potatoes and what not.
these are decent meals and you know what you put in them. They are healthy and nutritious.
I use to drink juice while out on the road.

I would go in and get the bar from the Petro as it is usually the only way to get peper pot stew and Salad. It's cheaper to buy the bar than to order it seperately. I think we did that maybe once a week if that often.
I find it easier to control my weight on the road than off the road. We do some of our own unloading when we have the energy for it, and this helps in the exercise department. I bring healthy snacks along in the truck and do my best to eat well at the truck stops. So far, so good as far as weight goes.
I have noticed a trend.. Drive a truck--> Gain Weight = Stop driving--> Lose weight.. Is that the trend for you? I wish more truckers were eating healthy on the road...
Oh yeah i gained. when i started out i weighed 190 pounds now i weigh 375 but i can't blame that all on driving. i think age has some to do with it as well.

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