Have CDL Class B w/ airbrakes and passenger endorsements (Never Used)


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I have a CDL Class B w/airbrakes and passenger endorsements and have had it for about 15yrs and have never used it for employment. I am looking to use it now, can anyone help me find employment with no CDL driving experience?
I have a clean driving record
I have a clean criminal history
I have a current CDL Class B w/airbrakes and passenger endorsements
I have a current DOT Medical Card
I am willing to relocate
I am willing to travel extensively

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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First thing I would suggest is find out if you still have the CDL endorsement. In 2012 they changed it, if you didn't have a valid physical you lost your endorsement

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You can find something on craigs list without exp transporting adults who are ' challenged, ' driving them to and from there asignments in a van. Pay isnt much though.


Do you want to do your bus or move up to an A and drive combination vehicles?

You could try local construction companies to get dump truck training maybe. Most that would take a newbie don't pay all that much.

Or start as a relief driver for tour buses.


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If it were I, Then I would go the Chartered bus route. free meals, Free hotel and shower everyday. the only thing is the Hours Of Service rule are different.
We had a member here 2xR was a coach driver. I am not sure if he is around the forum anymore.