hauling freight into canada


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I have a straight truck and would like to haul freight in and out of Canada. What kind of problems can I expect, and are there special requirements? taen70
Start of requirements

I once hauled small loads of "Fresh Fish" out of Windsor,Ontario via Ambassador Bridge, in Detroit. We had to get a licensed broker to front for us, since we were small fish. JB Hunt had an office under customs, probably still does and others to. Charged a small fee. That was back in the eighties. Now after 911 whoa. There are probably a lot more requirements. Best to check with US customs. Some day I'll let on to a couple fun stories about going thru customs with "Fresh Fish".

Well first an update about info hauling into Canada, need to contact the DOT for more info, been awhile.

Awhile is the early 80's, Was using a 1 ton to haul iced fresh fish (smelt/yellow perch/walleye) thru the Windsor-Detoit customs. The fish were in boxes 8Hx14Wx20L and four high. A customs agent decided to check every one of them out on an 80 degree day. A nice big puddle formed where he parked us. We had to move on out to get more ice to save our load, not fun. But the next time thru customs a couple of days later we were waved on, fast. As we passed the earlier "parking space" we noticed the aroma and the thick cloud of flies. Never where checked again.
Thanks for the info TimothyJLutz, I appreciate all the help and I truly enjoyed the story. If you have more stories, we would love to hear em!! thanks Talen70

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