Hand Washing Police...lol


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Sep 17, 2007
So they have people staked out in restrooms watching!:rolleyes:

1/3 of men don't wash hands in restroom: Study
CHICAGO – The gender gap has widened when it comes to hygiene, according to the latest stakeout by the "hand washing police.''
One-third of men didn't bother to wash after using the bathroom, compared with 12 percent of women, said the researchers who spy on people in public restrooms. They reported their latest findings Monday at a meeting of infectious disease scientists.
Two years ago, the last time the survey was done, only one-quarter of men didn't wash, compared with 10 percent of women.
"Guys need to step up to the sink," said Brian Sansoni, spokesman for the Soap and Detergent Association, which co-sponsors the survey and related education campaigns.
The latest study was based on observations last month of more than 6,000 people in four big cities.
Frequent hand washing is the single best thing people can do to avoid getting sick, from colds and the flu to germs lurking in food, doctors say. And a recent Harris Interactive survey found 92 percent of Americans said they usually or always wash up after using the bathroom.
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I can say for me it depends upon if they have paper towels or that stupid air NON-dryer. If paper to dry, then yes. If only blowing air which takes forever or just wipe my hands dry on my jeans. I like the bathroom that have both. Let the tree huggers have the air dryer and wet hands, and let the rest of us dry our hands with paper towels.
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