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Hello; To begin with, I started trucking back in the early 80s, following my discharge from the US Air Force. If I can turn the clocks back and do things over again, I would make a career of staying in the Air Force until I qualify for drawing pension. But seeing as that's fantasy, I must deal with the reality of my situation. I drove OTR for an entire decade, before settling down to a local hourly-paying job in the Los Angeles area (illegal alien country). I bought a truck and tried being an owner-operator, and learned that clients in the southern California region are ruthless. I went broke when diesel prices spiked in the early 2000s; this was when there were record number of repossessed trucks across the nation. Mine wasn't repossed, it was stolen while it was in storage, and I didn't have insurance to cover my lost.

As I approached my mid 40s, I learned that the trucking industry routinely terminates veteran drivers for failing their DOT medical exams, and these drivers are often in their 50s. The trucking industry uses the term "retire" to really mean "fired." I met a few ex-truckers working as security guards, or working at Walmart, and this made me decide to go back to school (I'm a college drop out), and pursue a degree in Logistics Management, also known as Supply Chain Management. I've driven trucks for 25 years, and now I'm studying the science of what it takes to keep the freight rolling, at the cheapest price. So far, I've learned that "profit and productivity" are the key to Logistics management, with NO regards to safety or ethics. When I get my bachelor degree, I shall apply what I've learned on how to get rid of Americans, and replace them with illegal aliens in a warehouse environment. I've also learned that NAFTA is a campaign to gradually replace American truckers with cheaper Mexicans who can haul the freight for less. Because most truckers are anti-union, it only makes it easier to accomplish the goals of corporate America. I'm joining this forum to give advice to newbies; particularly, to get out of OTR trucking ASAP, and to step aside and let the Mexicans take over. American truckers are better off as local hourly-paid drivers. OTR trucking should be left to those who can do the job for less. These are both, Mexicans and immigrant drivers who are here on a working visa from a 3rd-world nation.

Yes, college had taught me quite a lot so far.

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