Greasing diagram for Peterbilt 1998?


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Does anyone know where to get a diagram showing all the points that need to be greased on a 1998 Peterbilt? I dont know all the details about the truck, but my boyfriend has started driving the pete recently and isnt sure of all the grease points.


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there is not a diagram that i have...but here goes!
top and bottom of king pins on front axle=4
steering cross tube and draglink=4
steering shaft from gearbox to firewall=2
front suspension spring pins=6 minimum
u-joints on driveline=3 minimum(2 axle)-5 maximum(3 axle)
front axle slack adjusters and s-cam tubes=4
rear axle slack adjusters and s-cam tubes=4 per axle
hood pivot hinges=2
loose grease the fifth wheel slider and top plate
those are the ones i can come up with, hope it helps.

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