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In God We Trust
Bud has a new beer. Now i don't consume the bud and now that it is gonna be all limey i won't start anytime soon.
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In God We Trust
not sure why but the advertisment didn't show up.

Today, Bud Light Lime debuts nationwide. It has the
superior drinkability of Bud Light, with a splash of
100% natural lime flavor. Bud Light Lime is a premium, American-style, light lager, with delicate malt sweetness, a crisp, clean finish, and the flavor of fresh-squeezed lime, for ultimate refreshment. It’s not summer, until you open one up!
To coincide with the national launch, Bud Light Lime will be the exclusive sponsor of tonight’s 11 PM ET edition of ESPN’s SportsCenter, with eight minutes of custom content running throughout the broadcast, including a new “Lime Light” feature. During SportsCenter, you will be introduced to Limey. Tune in - it’s amazing what a little lime can do.
One taste, and you'll find the summer state of mind…it's in the lime


the only "natural" in a lime flavored beer, is the real lime itself, not a bunch of chemicals tasting like lime.

want lime in your beer...?? drink a Corona, and twist a little lime into it.

the Bud beer will sell a few hundred thousand bottles, maybe a million or two....

then fade away.............

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