Good Tidings from the land of Inbound Only...

Since the "Inbound Freight Only" tag could actually apply in a couple of different spots...I clarify it as Denver Colorado.

Family has been in trucking for over 30 years. After I got through playing soldier for 12 years I came home to trucking. First as a driver, then moved inside as a fleet manager ( I never claimed to be smart). Then I lost too much hair so I moved out to the shop. I like the shop. :)

I work a regular job for 40, then on weekends I work my own business. I started a mobile oil and lube service in the Denver area. Clients are primarily owner-ops that dont want to interrupt their off time going over to the T/A, and small local fleets that need on site services.

I am a single father of 4. They range in age from 16 to 7...3 boys and a princess.
Welcome to the forum. Denver is truly the land of inbound only, well, except for that nasty beer they brew over in Golden :)
i don't beleive i ever made a delivery OR pick-up in colorado.......:headscratch:

been through it a few times, stopped at whatever truckstops were there at the time, but that's about it...............:popcorn:

yeah, that beer is "nasty" isn't it........????????:runningaround:

i'd rather be drinking NJ landfill water.........!!!!!:banana:

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