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I'm not sure if this is the right category for this thread because they may not be healthy. But while driving OTR have you found any good restaurants you'd like to share. I'm not talking about any large national chain restaurants either. But the smaller chain or single restaurants.

One that I went to just this evening is right across the Pilot at I-70 exit 32 in PA called Kings Family Restaurant. For about the same price of the Subway inside Pilot, I got a hot roast beef sandwich and mashed potatoes all covered with beef gravy. I haven't had one of those in a long time and it was delicious! Everything on the menu looked good. I may go back for breakfast before I head out in the morning.

Another place for Mexican food is off I-12 in LA. It has been one of the best Mexican restaurants I've eaten at. Called Fernando's, you have to walk about 2 blocks north of the truck stop there which is good to burn off the calories anyway.

The last, the best BBQ in the country is Jim Nealy's Interstate BBQ off I-55 in Memphis, TN on the SW corner of the city. I forget what exit you take to get there, but the downside is that you must bobtail to get there because of parking. Werner had a drop yard across the river in West Memphis, AR so I had the chance to go once so far.

Anybody else have some favorites?
The Shrimp Creole at the LA Tiger Truck stop was outstanding. I love that place and the food was always good and so were the prices.
Pete's Cafe in New Cumberland, PA.

Real nice atmosphere and good food.

The bathrooms were neat and clean, which is a big plus with me.

I had a Small Chef salad with a couple slices of homemade bread and a cup of their famous French onion soup.

That's alot for me to eat but it was so delicious that I ate the whole thing then went and
I LOVE this little chain called Papa Pablano's . They are located in Idabel and Broken Bow Oklahoma .. I LOVE Mexican food and this place has the BEST chips and food!
Try Papa Joe's Chicago Style BBQ at exit 278 off of I-5 in Oregon. Head west, go past street for TA and look for a flashing lite on the left (just past the truck wash). Can turn in, and then turn around and park right in front. Good BBQ!
Found one in Morgantown, WV called the "back bay" You can't get a truck near it, but by God it is good eats.
Food??? Yes, I like food...

Old thread, but talking about good food never gets old.

1. Rice Palace in Crowley, LA (I-10) has the best Mud Bug Stew in the world, plenty of truck parking, and a nice little bar.

2. Lexington Bar~B~Que in Lexington NC (Hwy 64) is the perfect example of NC style pulled pork Bar~B~Que. I can drink their dippin' sauce. Hmmm, good!! Can park two trucks on the exit ramp.

3. Nottaway Restaurant in Warfield, VA (I-85) is typical southern cooking and is very tasty, however, their home made yeast rolls are the main attraction. Forget the entree, bring me a pan of rolls. Truck parking everywhere.
Welp we were traveling along and came across this little truck stop and decided to eat there. Shockingly enough it was not the typical choke and puke eatery on the road. THEY HAVE ONIONS IN PACKETS TO PUT ON SANDWICHES EVEN!!!! Fair prices as well compared to other places on the road.
I was soooo impressed I took a picture and sent it SilverSurfer and JB LOL who in return informed me that I needed to get outta the house more. Which is the friggen truth.

Here's the information:
HOOPS Travel Center
829 4th Ave.
Coloma, WI 54930

phone: (715)228-3500

[email protected]
McNeil Truck Stop, I-59, x 14, MS. Buffet every day 'cept Saturday beginning at 11am. Plenty of Truck (combo) parking, Fuel available, small concessions store as it is mainly a Restaurant. Menu selections as well.
Smoking allowed inside.
Spaceway Truckstop and Restaurant. I-20, 1st exit west of I-59, MS.
LOTS of Lighted Truck Parking (at night), Full service T. S.
Usually better Fuel prices than ANY other T. S. in Meridian, MS.
Smoking allowed inside.
Pilot T. S., Hesperia, CA., I-15. North bound use exit for Rt. 395. S. B. use exit for access to Rt. 395 or you'll notice the pilot. The Restaurant on site is owned by the People that used to have a BETTER T. S. on the premises. Excellent Food and Charm as the Restaurant interior is beautiful. Open 7 days I believe. Excellent Food.
Okemah, OK., x 221 (?), I-40. Across from Loves. 24 Hr Restaurant, already mentioned yes?
BBQ joint x 163 or 161, I-40, Little Rock, AR. Same x as for Maverick and Petro and Pilot. Service Rd., west side before Maybelline. Maverick to the east. EXCELLENT FOOD!! Not open every day. Hours posted.
Marshall, TX. x for Rt. 59, south side of I-20. The Maverick Restaurant next to Budget motel.
small Truck Parking area. 24 Hr Restaurant. Waffle House design.
Truck Stop around corner on service rd. with its own Restaurant.
There's a BBQ joint on Rt. 93 in AZ., southeast of Kingman. Truck Parking.
Not open Daily. It was started by a Truck Driver and it was advertised in a Thread at

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