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Should have stayed off the man’s lawn! I’m glad the cops were able to restrain and arrest the 90 year old man without being beat up by the guy.

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"and charged him with simple battery and resisting law enforcement without using violence."

What kind of BS charge is that? Talk about making up crap. Yup, the old man went overboard. But my concern is this friggin charge and law created by some over zealous politicians that allow cops to charge someone for nothing. Arguing with a cop is now an arrestable offence?
Good grief, Charlie Brown.

I had a friend who just got custody of his 13yr old son. He was in the big city, starting to run with gangs and getting into trouble. He'd been kicked out of school twice for beating on two teachers. So my friend had his hands full trying to straighten the kid out.
So one day, they get into an argument in a parking lot. His kid was taking swings at him. Punch him a couple of times, until my friend was able to grab him and hold him down, until the kid calmed down. After he let go, he walked off for a few minutes to think about what to do with this kid. From what I understand, he walked around a nearby building.
Less than 5 minutes had passed, as he was walking back to his son, the cops pulled up.
Long story short, my friend was taken to jail for child abuse and (get this) "Abandonment with the intent to return."
Same BS overzealous laws that can get you taken to jail for doing nothing.


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Just so ya know, that aint an M1A. An M1A is mag fed

Thought you didnt like rifles...?🤔
i ain't really into rifles.

but a nice brass plated Henry, or a Garand, M1A, maybe a lever action Winchester,

b'sides, it was dark outside, i couldn't see the entire gun Clint had.


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i ain't really into rifles.

but a nice brass plated Henry, or a Garand, M1A, maybe a lever action Winchester,

b'sides, it was dark outside, i couldn't see the entire gun Clint had.
Clint’s was definitely a Garand. An M1A shoots .308 Win/7.62 NATO, is fed with a 20 rd box mag, and has about a 2 inch long flash suppressor on the barrel that also holds the bayonet lug. They’re easy to tell apart once you see em together

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It comes down to Who got the "Balls"..

When my kid was like 10 bought him one of those SUPER SOAKERS ya screw like a liter jug too and pump the Daylights outta it..

I had like a $2 dollar cheap plastic Colt 45 from the toy island at Family Dollar..

Soaked that little bastards @$$..

For starters he didn't know how to "aim" just pulled the trigger drained the juice..

Plus a child he couldn't handle that big ole "Super Soaker"..

I soaked his ass with a $2 dollar squirt gun from Family Dollar..

Then next day I got DRUNK and passed out in my Lawn Chair..

That little "SOB" ran out the Garden Hose and the spray gun just BLASTED ME..

I wanted to Beat the Living "Daylights" outta him..

Then I "Remembered" He's MY SON and looking back I ended up being "Proud" of his Guts to do that..

Later that Summer I got my "Revenge" ..

Back in the Day Grandpa still had the place up North up By Rice Lake..

Pontoon Boat too..

He was just taking Swimming Lessons at the Y ..

I threw him off the dock said SWIM because me and Your MOMMA Paid like $150/$200 buck sign ya up for Swimming Class..

Grandpa had the SOFT HEART jumped in there and pulled his dumbass out..

Then I hadda hear about how "Irresponsible" I was..

What Grandpa forgot is when I was 7/8 years old ya folk were too "Broke" for swimming class..

Throw me in the pool at the county park and yell SWIM ya Stupid Bastard
Awesome! :thumbsup:
It sounds like You's Two's hadda lot of fun back in the day. :thumbsup:

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