Geocaching Anyone?


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Any other drivers out there do any Geocaching while on the road?
To quote Tracy Morgan, "I got no idea what you just said white boy. But you touched a brothers heart."
Geocaching (Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site) is a world wide treasure hunt using a GPS. Although there really isn't much of value to be found, it just the getting out to find the hidden containers. Just about every rest stop along the highway has one and I'd say about half of the truck stops. They can range in size from a magnetic key holder to a large box.

The smaller ones, called micros, are just logs you sign saying you've found it. Other larger caches contain trade items of mostly cheap trinkets. Although there have been reports of people finding valuable items left behind by a cacher who could afford to give. The most I ever found was a $5 bill. Some are themed caches. I've came across some along the highway that are music exchanges. Drop in a CD you're tired of listening to and pick out another. Another one has been a book exchange.

Just something to get you out of the truck on your breaks and take a needed walk to stretch you legs and burn a few calories. But they can take you to some interesting places you wouldn't have thought to go. I was at Werners terminal in Indianapolis and looked online to see if there were any nearby. Across the street was a cemetery with a hidden cache. In the description about the cache was information about famous people buried there. Three of which were the Chevrolet brothers who started the car company.

I was also at a consignee once in Chicago and had arrived a day early and they were closed due to a holiday. I decided to wait it out and reset my 34 clock. After checking for Geocaches to keep me occupied, I discovered that just 2 blocks away was the intersection of highway used in a chase scene for the Blues Brothers movie in which the police car went flying into the air crashing into the trailer of a semi.

That's a summary of Geocaching.
This is something I would be interested in if I ever started running OTR again. Just running Southeast the way we do our runs just wouldn't provide me the time.

Hopefully this thread will expose this to a bunch more truck drivers, I think this would be a fun activity for people to take part in, rather than sitting around complaining about their job.
that would be fun. finding the time to do it might present a problem. i probably wouldn't mess with it.
I have been thinking of playing this with my boys. I think the best way would be to spend time doing the parks one. You go camping and hiking in the large parks and while hiking trails play the game.
We have been doing it for a few years now. I am not otr anymore so we just do it within a 100 mile radius of the house. It is a great and fun way to get exercise.
Oh ok
well we are mudd ducks quack quack. but sounds like fun.
put it on myspace on bulletin my kid belongs to all the truck clubs.
The bronco has a new body went up 3 more " and is about to be painted. I want orange with black strips...but they are all talking yellow.
Hey Rocky big meet coming up in Fl. wanna race?

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