gathering info only...

somebody tell me about honest...
Hi Chicken. If you need honest reviews about Schneider. they have a company review section on here. Read that over and feel free to ask any question you want. Bulliwinkle and the others on here are great people.
Schneider always has freight if you don't mind driving the orange pumpkin. They have a pay raise at the end of october. I liked driving for them, they don't run you terribly hard and I believe they are still the biggest truck company in the usa.
I haven't heard a lot of negative comments about this company, and when talking one on one with their drivers, they seem to be pretty happy with their job. I actually thought about working for them when I decided to get back into driving a few months ago, and spent some time at their Dallas terminal talking with some of the drivers.

If I was to leave my current job for any reason, this is a company I would strongly consider.
I went with Schneider due to the information I got from the guys here, and it has been a very good experience for me so far.
I don't regret starting out with schneider. There have been a couple bumps along the road, but from what everyone tells me, that is just part of driving. Overall, I am doing pretty well.

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