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Hi Chicken. If you need honest reviews about Schneider. they have a company review section on here. Read that over and feel free to ask any question you want. Bulliwinkle and the others on here are great people.


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Schneider always has freight if you don't mind driving the orange pumpkin. They have a pay raise at the end of october. I liked driving for them, they don't run you terribly hard and I believe they are still the biggest truck company in the usa.


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I haven't heard a lot of negative comments about this company, and when talking one on one with their drivers, they seem to be pretty happy with their job. I actually thought about working for them when I decided to get back into driving a few months ago, and spent some time at their Dallas terminal talking with some of the drivers.

If I was to leave my current job for any reason, this is a company I would strongly consider.


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I went with Schneider due to the information I got from the guys here, and it has been a very good experience for me so far.
I don't regret starting out with schneider. There have been a couple bumps along the road, but from what everyone tells me, that is just part of driving. Overall, I am doing pretty well.

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