Gambling Scam warning issued to truckers


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Law enforcement officials are warning all travelers – motorists and truckers – to be on the lookout for a scam that’s been reported at truck stops in Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky.

According to WISH-TV in Indianapolis, the scam involves a group of men who try to entice victims to follow them to the back of truck stops for a “too-good-to-be-true” gambling opportunity.

Once there, the men get the victims to produce their money – then the thieves grab it and run off.

Sheriff’s officers in Whiteland, IN – which is located on Interstate 65 south of Indianapolis – said thieves have robbed people at truck stops at the Whiteland exit three times within the past two months.

They also said at least some of the thieves left the scene in tractor-trailers.

Source: Land Line Magazine


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I had 'em try that at the eastbound service plaza on the Kangaroo Turnpike, the one in Portage, IN about that time, .. 2007. I could tell it was a scam before I even got over there. Had my knife in my hand in my pocket the whole time.


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I wish I had some exciting story to tell involving my gun being drawn and stuff, but no. It was relatively boring. I just walked away when I realized it was a scam.

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