Frequent Cell Phone Use May Slow Brain Function


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Frequent Cell Phone Use May Slow Brain Function
Sept. 2007
There have been worries about cell phones causing brain cancer. And certainly everyone worries about driving behind the guy who's holding the steering wheel with his knees while tapping in a message on a wireless e-mail device.
But now hear this: Mobile phone use may cause a slowing of brain activity.

Before anyone panics, the suggestion that frequent mobile phone use makes us behave a little unbalanced is, so far, based on a study of 300 people conducted by researchers in Australia, England and the Netherlands.

The study, published in the International Journal of Neuroscience this month, looked at the group of 300 people over 2.4 years, but researchers plan to expand the study over a longer period and with data involving 17,000 people.

According to the study, frequent mobile phone users demonstrated slowed brain function, but with the caveat that the slowed brain effects are still considered within normal brain functioning. A longer study with a larger sample group would consider whether the slowed brain activity should be considered an adverse health effect, according to a statement from Brainclinics Diagnostics in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, one of the groups involved in the study.
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LOL so THAT is what is wrong with me! I thought it was from trying to raise four children while my hubby was gone for a month at a time...
Wait till tomorrow...Another article will come out saying to much use of a CELL PHONE will give us Super IQ!:D

Some people already have them from cell phones. Superpowers that is. they give them the power to weave between the lane lines and not feel at fault for other people needing to swerve away.

They gave one lady the super power to feel like it wasn't her fault for plowing into the back of me while I sat a red light. "But, officer it wasn't my fault, my phone rang and I was looking for it. I didn't notice him." She really said that.
Sounds great...I would love to be able to use this as an excuse for my slow days.

"Sorry, but I'm a bit slow today...I've been chatting on my cellphone"!

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