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The purpose of this forum is for the discussion of the dealings that drivers have with freight brokers.

This is not a forum for freight brokers to promote their business, nor for potential freight brokers looking to start a business. Any posts of this nature will be removed.


Why does Florida pay the worst rates?
Because it's a consumer state and there's only one direction you can go to leave.

Consumer state means they consume more goods than they produce. So there are more truckloads coming in than going out.

When there are more trucks than loads, it's a shipper's market and they can set the rates as low as they want.

Supply vs demand.


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There's times during the year when there are decent rates out... like a few weeks in the early spring melon harvest.


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hello not looking for buisness just advice as im working at getting my brokerage started but funding is limited and i have great reasources to utilize, im in the process of finnishing my website today and i have a 3 phase network linked to the site with contracts in air and sea for freight but getting the liscencces is whats holding me back any advice would be great
Probably not the best place for this. See the first post.


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I am new here. My name is Victor A. I am here for getting information about transportation, trucking etc.