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If you noticed the downtime last night, it was because of a major software upgrade. We needed to have this version of the software in place before the new design is completed, I had some extra time, so here it is.

There are several new features including Tags, Social Groups and friends featr, updated an customizable profile page, and tons more for both the end user, and for the administrators.

Below is an overview of new features. Some of these things wont be noticeable by members, but it will make the job easier for administrators

Inline Spam Management and Prevention Tools

Thread Tagging

Thread Prefixes

Reciprocal Friendships Between Users

Public Messaging

User Picture Galleries

User-Created Social Groups

New Member Profile Page
Member Customization of Profile Page

Inline Editing of Profile Field Values

Attachment Viewing Lightbox

Post Edit History

Inline Moderation Enhanced Authentication

Navbar Notices

New Human Verification Systems

User Change History

Social Bookmarking of Threads

And More...
  • Visitor tracking on profile pages
  • Automatic resizing of attached images to match filesize or pixel dimensions
  • Enhancements to custom bbcode system
  • Custom icons per forum
thats not too far away. hope it turns out the way you want it. are you still gonna put the shrine in honoring me ?

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