Flying J To Stop Accepting Visa On May 25th


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Beginning in late May, it seems customers will no longer be able to use Visa credit cards at Flying J outlets, a Utah-based truck stop chain which Forbes Magazine recently dubbed “the largest retail distributor of diesel fuel in North America.”

Last week, truckers reported to Land Line Magazine they had seen signs at Flying J pumps saying Visa would no longer be accepted.

A customer service employee for a local Flying J confirmed to Land Line that the new rule will take effect on Friday, May 25.

However, the credit card company is not aware of the truck stop chain’s decision to not accept Visa cards, said Visa spokeswoman Randa Ghnaim.
Ghnaim told Land Line that any move to keep Visa users from paying at the pump could be bad for all parties because truck stop sales are driven partially by convenience.

“Any form of electronic payment in our eyes is definitely a good thing because it’s helping consumers and businesses make more efficient payments and faster payments,” Ghnaim said. “When was the last time you filled up at the pump and actually had to walk in to pay your bill?”


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Somwhere else I was trying to use a Visa and they wouldn't let me, i think it may have been a utility bill. Wonder what Visa did now? Cause its not only Fly J or the utility companies.


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Flying J did this, as did other places, because people were purchasing fuel via "pay at the pump", then denying that they made the purchase once the bill arrived. Without a signature, the business has to eat the loss.

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