Firm puts truck drivers on the road to fitness


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September 3, 2007 article...but worth the look see !
San Jose Mercury News, USA
They eat too much, don't exercise enough, sleep poorly and suffer from high blood pressure. As a group, commercial truck drivers are notoriously unhealthy, which increases the risk of traffic accidents and makes the roads more dangerous for the rest of us.

So it did my heart good the other morning to watch a bunch of truck drivers who work for Con-way Freight in San Jose getting paid to run through a set of stretching exercises, check their body mass index and consult with their wellness coach before climbing into their cabs for the day's pickups and deliveries.
Lots of Silicon Valley high-tech companies encourage healthy lifestyles, with bike-to-work incentives and granola in the cafeteria. But a trucking company? These guys aren't exactly the Smart Water and Pilates crowd.
Yet there was 51-year-old Tony Barraza, who's been driving a truck for 12 years, reaching across his ample abdomen to stretch out his shoulder muscles. He weighs 272 pounds and admits he's "addicted to food," but says he's determined to lose 30 pounds. "Then I'll be perfect." continues.....................
This is something that I think all companies should require. I think that if you are not healthy then you are not "fit" to do something that requires your full attention for hours upon hours each day.
I think it is a great thing also. But it must be really costly for any company. Our company said it would pay half for joining a gym. But after working all day in the heat no one wanted to go work out.
I think some company terminals are begging to get weight equipment and limiting smoking area. I noticed @ the terminal in Marietta over the weekend they had a blood pressure cuff in the library/ computer room which wasn't there a month ago.
I also noticed they are trying to get some healthier places to deliver to the drivers other than just pizza places.
There's a lot that can be done to help but a huge part falls on the responsibilities of the drivers.

There's a lot that can be done to help but a huge part falls on the responsibilities of the drivers.
If it were me, I would make the pre shift stretches mandatory, but would try to do it in a way that would make them think it's not. Or offer some other incentive. Maybe some gift cards for healthier eating establishments. Something like 2hours of stretching a day for 7 days earns a $5 or $10 card for subway or something. I don't know, that's just an idea off the top of my head.
Another plus for this sort of program would be insurance. Would health insurance companyies give a little discount for these kinds of programs?

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