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Hi all. Been taking care of two flatbeds for years. It's my job to keep them moving.

I also became a broker agent about 5 months ago. Boy, finding good customers was a nightmare! Any that I found somewhat easily had 30 other people posting the same loads. I was able to run across a couple of good customers along the way.

A little over a month ago I ran across a lead source that I bought.
Yes, I bought a disk off of the net... For $500 yet...

I can thankfully say that it turned out to be a good buy. I kind of cherry picked through the list and found enough good customers that I stopped making new calls.

Here's the info about the disk if you want to take a look.

Thought it might be of some help to some of you.

Brokers Buddy Home Page

BROKERS!!! Everyone wants to be a Broker. Quick money, no headache, don`t care how much load is paying. No calculation, how much should pay for it. No knowledge about trucking industry at all. The best part NO-- DOT INSPECTIONS!!!!! Pooooor Truckers. REGULATOS,REGULATIONS,REGULATIONS!!!

Forgot!!! Logistics Freight Specialist ????? new name sound better, and more money for a beautiful name.
I have suggested to alot of O/O that they try googling excess capacity loads. There are alot of web based companies now that put truckers in contact with shippers. Some charge for membership, but their are a few that do not charge to access their website. I talk to alot of O/O that don't like searching or bidding on loads, but if you don't like getting bambuzzled by brokers how else are you going to get loads. Get proactive learn the ins and outs of your buisness. Anytime you own a buisness you have to know everything about it, because if you don't you have to outsource to keep your buisness going. Learn how much it'll take to haul loads from place to place and factor in any fees and then you've bypassed the broker. Take advantage of the web sites. Yeah, they charge fees sometimes but if you can put that into the total cost you aren't out anything.

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