Finally out on my own!

Been gone from here for a while, school and training. Upgraded into my own truck last week, and home right now for a couple days.

Thanks for the advice I have gotten here, I will surely be around more now that I am in my own truck. Have my computer, just got my wireless card, and ready to go.
Still liking it? :)

Yeah, liking it quite a bit. Thanks to the help I got here, I knew what I was getting into, so the surpises were minimal.

Haven't got online much, as I have been concentrating on "learning the ropes" so to speak. Getting adapted pretty well to the job now, so I look forward to talking more here.
Year Later to YoungTrucker ...
Still around? Still with same company? Tell me more please.

Haven't been here in a while, but yeah, I am around. Still adjusting my eyes to the new look here. Wow..

Ok, as to the question, yes. I am still with the same company. Still pulling around these orange trailers and thanks to the help I got here, I was not surprised by what I have experienced. It's not perfect, but it is a good living.
congratulations youngtrucker. keep us posted on your adventures on pulling the orange trailer. some people would like to here your exp. and times with the pumpkin.

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