Family's License Plates Deemed Offensive


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Family's License Plates Deemed Offensive
MERLIN, Oregon (AP) -- The state of Oregon has ordered a family to turn in the vanity license plates on its cars because their Dutch last name, which is written on the plates, is similar to an offensive word.
The plates, UDINK1 UDINK2 and UDINK3 are on the vehicles of Mike and Shelly Udink and their son Kalei. Two of the plates are five and seven years old. One was issued last year.
Last summer, Kawika Udink's application for UDINK4 was rejected and the state ordered that the other three plates be returned.
"DINK has several derogatory meanings," Yvonne Bell, who sits on the Department of Motorvehicles panel that approves vanity plates, told the Daily Courier newspaper.
DMV spokesman David House and Bell said the word can be treated as a verb, which gives it a sexual reference, and also can be a racial slur targeted at the Vietnamese.
House said the "U" in the front could be construed as "You."
The DMV denies requests for any combination of letters and numbers that may be viewed as objectionable, in any language, by use of phonetic, numeric or reverse spelling, or when viewed as a mirror image, or that would alarm or offend a reasonable person.

I may be dumb, but I don't know what dink means. But my company took my name badge that said "Sparky" because it may have offended someone. I still haven't figured that one out either.
DINKY is an acronym, short for dual (or double) income, no kids yet.
DINKY is occasionally used (in the UK, India, and China) to describe a high-earning couple who choose not to have children and are therefore able to afford a more expensive consumer lifestyle than those with families. The term was coined during the 1980s, at the height of "yuppie" culture, but never gained as much currency as the latter term.
A version of the acronym, DINK, is still used in the United States, especially for a subset of yuppies. DINK is sometimes used in reference to gay and lesbian couples who are stereotypically perceived to be childless.
Some marketers have proposed yappie as a term to describe similar couples who do have children.[1]
"DINK" also found as

from the urban dictionary :

1. Local slang in Vermont. A stupid person, a jerk, an a-hole. A general putdown of one's abilities.

2. Another word for a Vietnamese person.

3. Another colorful slang term for penis

4. local slang in Fairport, suburb of Rochester NY
Catch-all term for any type of loser, idiot, fool, dumbkoff, etc. Can be temporary or permanent meaning if you do something stewpid, then at that moment, you may be a dink, but not all the time. Other people are just dinks, period.

5. Condescending word for a Vietnamese person. Probably the most popular word during the Vietnam war after "f***" and "s***".

6.1. meaning to putz around 2. to tinker with, fiddle with
Some people will find something wrong with the naked truth. There are just some people who look for any type of controversy.
I love that one person gets to make the decision. All it takes anymore is a single complaint to get your plate revoked, get beaten up for having a brown lawn or thrown off a plane...

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