EXCITING NEWS about Music Threads!


pari animositate
Mar 19, 2009
Okay well I only got half done, so @Mike that article isn't ready. Don't publish it yet. The inverter timed out and my battery is about shot and my eyes are blurry so I have to attempt sleep. Our inverters are on a 2 hour timer for some reason. I didn't notice the little plug in icon, but my battery isn't looking good.

Anyway, here's the announcement:

For more than a decade now I've insisted we have ONE THREAD for all the crappy music you people listen to. The reason for this is basically because we don't need five million threads with four posts every time one of the drunks gets half a bag on and decides to surf youtube while torturing the guy in the truck next to them by loudly belting out their rendition of Footloose from the confines of his sleeper. I made this rule because while I never listened to Footloose I did make a bunch of threads while having half a bag on and noticed they all got like four posts. So, with half a bag on I consolidated it all.

That thread can be found here:

Now, almost 5 years sober I've decided to change things up in one small area.

We're going to have different types of music threads.

Specifically for COVER SONGS, whereupon we will discuss that cover, compare it to the original, and why it's great or why it sucks.

The Thread title will tell half the tale, so everyone knows what their getting into.

Such as this.

Title of the Song
The word "cover".
By "Band Name"

Now here is where it gets tricky.

Can we add covers of that same song by other bands to that same thread or should all covers by every band get their own thread?
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