Editorial/Big wheels tearing up Florida's roads


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Big wheels tearing up Florida's roads
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL
When consumers shop for frozen pizza, blue jeans or DVD players, they compare prices and look for bargains. But they probably don't think about the cost of getting the merchandise to the store -- and how they pay that cost in increased taxes and diminished safety. Trucks remain a staple of the American shipping industry, carrying more than 80 percent of all cargo moved inside the United States. And they pay substantial over-the-road taxes, in addition to the fuel taxes that all motorists pay. Yet a recent analysis by The Associated Press finds that these taxes don't come close to compensating local, state and federal governments for the damage trucks inflict on roads. One study suggests that a typical 40-ton truck (properly loaded) can cause as much wear and tear on a road as 9,600 cars.
Stop robbing the highway fund to pay for other things. Plenty of money is paid in to maintain roads much better than they are currently being maintained.
Truckers pay higher tax fees for running on the interstate fee's that four wheeler and non commericial drivers don't have to pay. Truck drivers also pay a higher fee when going across toll roads and get stuck spending the night paying higher prices for food and stuff in toll plazas to keep from paying a higher toll to get off a toll road and back on it. There are also some stated where truckers can only use toll roads it's illegal to use any other road. What is happening to all these excess fees that truck drivers are paying for the use of the road way.

If these fee's and tariffs were being spent properly there would not be as much hassel with road repair. What ever happened to using the tires in the road mixed with Asphalt to help keep the destruction down.

How much damage are other big vehicles causing buses with pull behinds and rv'swith pull behinds and vehicles in tow?

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